Fine Art, Landscape, and Portrait Photography

© 2021 Jessica Hespelt.  Used by permission.

I’m Patrick.  I’m a Seattle-based film and digital photographer.  I’ve been a photographer for over a decade, and I take pictures whenever I can with whatever camera I have on hand.  These days, my go-to kit is my 4×5 large format camera for meticulously-planned portraits, landscapes, and fine art, and my Fuji X series for action, events, and adventure photography.  Large format forces me to slow down, and pay attention, and digital allows me to be spontaneous!

In addition to the prints you’ll find on my site, I’m available for portrait sessions, event photography, and commissioned work.  Check out the Hire Me page for more info on my offerings.  If my style meshes with you, I hope you’ll reach out for a collaboration.  I’ve also got a YouTube channel in the works where I share photography-related educational insights.